Personal Responsibility
The social concern of the Itamarati Plywood begins with its employees.
Integrity is the behavior that the Itamarati expects each employee to represent the Integrity and consistency in their actions, compared to all audiences. Values ​​and safety are the foundations of our integrity as a highlight.
Health and Quality of Life
The concern for employees is the agenda as Itamarati, the programs of health and well-being of employees are employed in all sectors of the company.
Some of these programs.
• Disease Prevention (Tobacco Intervention, STD, AIDS, RSI, DORT)
• Women's Health.
• Volunteer and Blood Donation.
• Partnerships with hospital laboratories.
• I appreciate the sport and physical activity.
• Dental.
• Immunization.
• Physical therapy
• Psychologist.
In July 1994 it started the trend of ITAMARATI for some years worked in the domestic market with some experience in foreign markets.
In 1999 the company underwent a restructuring seeking its place in the world of offset. The first production was approximately 500 m / month, was gradually following the increasing market demands, 12.000m/mês coming today, as production capacity and building area of ​​25.000m2.
Quality Policy
The Itamarati has a Quality Policy:
* Meet your customers well, seeking their satisfaction at all times;
* Produce products with uniform quality in accordance with the requirements of its customers and the most relevant international standards;
* Make your processes efficiently, continuously seeking its improvement;
* Providing appropriate conditions for the best performance and improvement of its employees.
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